Monday, 30 June 2008

Stress Management for the leader

Here are the Ten Stress Management Tips that you can use to your workplace stress:

1. Prioritize! Do not try everything done at the same time. Attack the key points first.

2. If you are interrupted by someone at work, put them on your calendar and tell them you'll get back to them at an agreed time. Maintaining ownership of your own time.

3. Do not eat lunch at your desk, and not to cooperate with you a lunch. Schedule some down time.

4. Use deep-breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to de-stress during the day. Ga for a 20-minute walk every day.

5. Reducing noise in your environment by shutting your office door if you have one. Take control of your surroundings.

6. Not in the case bottles. Let colleagues know if they're doing something you the cause of stress. Address things calmly and professionally.

7. Eat right, sleeping well and exercising regularly (with your doctor permission).

8. Try leaving the radio in your car on the way home. Many people find that the quiet helps them unwind and is a basic stress management practice.

9. When at home, not talk about the work-related problems. Write them, put them out of your mind and add them to your schedule the next day. Understand that there is a time and a place for everything.

10. Use colleagues and employees as a sounding board for discussing work-related issues and problems are minimized to the family home.

Even if you do not feel particularly drawn to this moment through your work life, stress management ideas that can help you enjoy your work life to answer and to protect you against future stresses.



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