Thursday, 16 April 2009

Recent review; Canon Vixia HF S100

I got this review from, and let check their review about Canon Vixia HF S100; Many companies turn out SD-based camcorders in compact designs, simply because the flash-based technologies allow for much smaller models than those based on tape, hard disks, and mini DVDs. They differ only by internal memory: the HF S100 has none, while the HF S10 has 32GB.

These two models, which record 1,920x1,080 60i video, feature a larger, faster f1.8 10x HD lens and a relatively large, high-resolution 1/1.26-inch 8-megapixel CMOS sensor, along with higher-end capabilities, such as SMPTE color bars, the ability to manually boost gain up to 18dB, fixed 70 and 100 IRE zebra stripes, and a user-assignable button/control dial combo. While Canon continues to offer compact AVCHD models, the Vixia HF20 and the HF200, the company's branching out with slightly more "pro" prosumer offerings in the Vixia HF S100 and the Vixia HF S10.

Though it weighs a bit over a pound, the camcorder feels kind of light for its 2.8-inch-by-2.7-inch-by-5.4-inch dimensions. The wider size makes it a bit more comfortable to hold and operate as well. I think this review about Vixia camera on so subjective, and never check what the reader want, this camera not so cool like the review above, so please cnet must remove that review and change it with the objective one.



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