Monday, 14 January 2008

Anime; Naruto

Naruto was a popular anime in Indonesia after one of tv station in this
country play Naruto anime series till season 4, before it, Naruto is
just enjoyed in manga (comic) version only.
Naruto stories begin at ninja village named konoha or leaf hidden
village, there are a boy called naruto who want to be hokage or village
chief, although he was still a little boy, he always study hard to reach
what he wanna be at future, coz still a little boy so he always make
little messy anywhere.
He has two close friend they're Sasuke and Sakura who always give
their hand to help Naruto in ninja academy, but with Sasuke looks like
rival than friend, they always be challange of each other to be the best
beetwen them, and Naruto feel that Sasuke also become a rival to get
Sakura's love.
In season 4, Naruto story become a complicated than before.
I will update naruto story soon at this blog.

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