Friday, 1 February 2008

Indonesian tourist resort; Bangka Belitung beach

For you the beach lover. Bangka & Belitung archipelago can be alternate
vacation at this year. Who knows this small island at east coast of
Sumatera contains a potential nature tourist resort and specially
beautiful and smooth white sandy beach which interesting for tourists to
relaxing. Just enjoy the unique Tempilang area. The one and only area that
have yellow sands beach, how interesting ?

Visiting Bangka Belitung, don't forget to relaxing at Parai Tenggiri beach, tourist resort which brought you a 4 stars hotel. Beside offering sea scenery and white sands along you can see, at this beach you can enjoy Bangka's seafood. Fill your time with enjoy beach sports like fishing and diving. Also visits Tanjung Kalian which have a lighthouse built in 1862. From it top, you can see all of beautiful Mentok beach while enjoy the sunset scenery.

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