Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Desk Lamps

I didn't know what they're talks about, that was 11 PM and they don't sleep yet, so I get closer to them, yeah they're my closest neighbor Ms and Mr.Wijaya, I ask them why they don't go to bed yet, and finally I catch what's their problem, actually that night would be their boring night, because their desk lamps won't work well because they buy it careless and I don't know about the brand, it's good brand or bad one. Unfortunately Ms.Wijaya can not sleep if the desk lamp turned off, and it can be their big problem, I must help them quickly because they always helping me almost everyday hehe. I usually work in the dark during the night, with only my monitor serving as my light, but at that night I must leave my lovely desk, and involved in this "lamps" problem.

So we can obtain a valued fact; do not buy bad branded lamp, if you love your lamps and lamp shades very much, and if you're like Ms.Wijaya who hate darkness, I recommend to buy it the best one. Yeah trust me it's might a simple and classic tips but very helpful for you and the Wijaya's of course LOL. Nowadays there are high technology embedded in a lamp, so not only your phone cell that full of innovation. Okay, Wijaya's are my best neighbor and they feel like what I felt. I think this story makes you to act better when buy something, not only lamp.


Jessica on 18 June 2009 at 02:39 said...

Spacify has an excellent variety of chic modern floor lamp for your lighting ideas.


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