Friday, 28 September 2007


Final Fantasy and us

Most indonesian gamer have playing this game, here is this Final Fantasy. My favorite RPG published by square~enix. and the newest sequel is Final Fantasy XIII that will release at 2008 This game review written on my game blog with URL so please go to that blog, you'll find many kind of game review and gadget review also available there, so do you still asking your friends about Playstation game? Do not bring yourself to bird cage and talk "I'm a gamer but I don't know nothing about recent games" let's move to the blogosphere and you can easily find all game information you want on it. Here we can get Final Fantasy XIII image from, OK you can download it.

She's a heroine from FF XIII with codename Lightning, for more information about this game please go to my game review blog.

read more here... indonesian version here...



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