Thursday, 22 October 2009

Yahoo! Small Business not recommended for webmasters

Yahoo! Small Business absolutely not recommended for webmasters, whatever Y! Small Business services, they all aren't flexible at all. Why they're not flexible? Some friends in Digital Point said that he scammed by Y Small Business twice, and this scams always in domain buying issue, what kind of scam? Yeah Yahoo offering very cheap domain name registration service, but this cheap domain only for first year how about the second year? You can charged 20 times from first domain price. For example if you buy domain .com from YSM, first year you can purchase it only for $1,xx and for next year you'll automatically charged $40 for a single domain in YSM.

So if you're webmasters, I think do not register any domain name at Yahoo, because they'll suck your Paypal balance or Mastercard credit quickly. So most popular domain registrar GoDaddy is still good for you. But I like Namecheap so much. Do you still interested with Yahoo? In fact I use Yahoo mail as my main email LOL. But it's a free email account. But some of YSM customers transferring their domains to GoDaddy after 3 months registration.


Anonymous said...

nice story with no facts to you get paid for this?

indr@ (owner) on 24 October 2009 at 01:48 said...

I swear nobody paid me for this article.. There are so many people dissatisfied with YSM, please go to

Anonymous said...

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