Thursday, 22 January 2009

Soto Kadipiro, classic is expensive

One month ago when I and my family invited by my campus to come to my graduation ceremony, I'm very happy at that time, because that's my diploma graduation guys. Oh no I don't wanna talk about my graduation he he :D. I just wanna talk about a restaurant that I and my family visit that day. A popular restaurant that most of Indonesian know their brand, their main menu is "soto", what's soto? It's traditional food which is a heretic recipe, there are some tribes with many cultures have this heretic soto recipe, with different taste in each tribes. But I just wanna talk about Javanese soto.

There are a restaurant in Jogjakarta named Kadipiro, this restaurant has specific menu as their main menu, that's soto. First I don't know why they can be popular? After my mom agreed to celebrate my graduation at that restaurant, and off course after I enjoyed their soto, I know something that makes them popular and reviewed by some TV stations, what is that? that's their classic atmosphere, it can makes the visitor feel special when enjoy their soto, recipe consistency also their key to build their classic atmosphere, I swear! Now I wanna hear your opinion? Let's sharing here. Thanks for coming to blog network.


Bunda on 24 January 2009 at 23:44 said...

wah enak bgt tuh kaya nya nyam² :)


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