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Anime; Naruto episode 251-267 (the latest)

251 Those Who Inherit 10/18/2007 Reviews 9.40


(While bringing Gaara back to life)
Chiyo: Damn! I don't have enough chakra left.
(Naruto offers his hands)
Naruto: Please, use my chakra! (edit)
(During the Special Report)
Kankuro: By the way, Temari...
Temari: Hmm?
Kankuro: There's so many pictures of Gaara and hardly any of me! What's up with that?!
Temari: Well, uh, you tend to get more screentime when you're, uh, more popular...I guess?
(Kankuro falls to the ground)
Kankuro: I should've known...
Temari: Sorry. (edit)
Kankuro: Don't let it get you down. The girls who drool over the cool, elite guys are always the weakest ones. (edit)
Gaara: Everyone, pray for Elder Chiyo.
(Everyone closes their eyes and bows their heads) (edit)
Chiyo: Become a Hokage like none before you! (edit)
(Naruto grabs Gaara by the shoulder after he is revived)
Naruto: Gaara.
Gaara: Naruto... (Looks around and sees the entire village surrounding him) They're...
Naruto: Everyone came running here to save you! (edit)

please waiting for more episodes

252 Return of the Kazekage 10/25/2007 Reviews 9.31

Kankuro: You're going back already? You can stay here a bit longer.
Temari: Right! At least stick around for one more day! You can go home after you've rested.
Naruto: I'd wish we could, but...
Sakura: We have some very important things to report to my mas-, uh to the Hokage-sama.
Baki: I see.
Kakashi: Besides, seeing Akatsuki made their move against the Sand Village has me worried about Konoha. (edit)
Baki: So you want to return home as quickly as possible, then.
Kakashi: Exactly.
Baki: But, in your condition-!
Kakashi: There's no need to worry. I have some very reliable friends with me.
Gai: Yeah! Leave it to me! (edit)
Baki: I'm glad your safe.
Gaara: Thanks to everyone here.
Baki: Uzumaki Naruto, I thank you. (edit)
Baki: By the way, we already dispatched a hawk carrying the mission results to your village, but there was no mention of the two Akatsuki members. Are you sure we shouldn't send that information as well?
Kakashi: I'll give my report on them directly to the Hokage-sama. There's something that I'm a bit concerned about. (edit)
Kankuro: Ready to go?
Gaara: Wait. Put her first.
Temari: That's right.
Baki: Pay your last respects to Chiyo! Pray silently!
Ebizou: (They start walking towards the Sand village) We're home now, sis. (edit)
Lee: There's so many people!
Neji: Just what I would expect for the Kazekage. (edit)
(Tobi picks up Deidara's arm)
Tobi: No way! It looks like they got Deidara-san too! It's decided. He definitely died in an explosion, right, Zetsu-san? I bet it happened somewhere around here.
Deidara: Let go of my hand, you little shit!
Tobi: Huh? Oh, you're alive!
Zetsu: What happened to the Jinchuuriki?
Deidara: I already finished my mission. Hmm.
Tobi: My, my, my! You really cut it close, huh, Deidara-san? But you're okay...NOT!
Deidara: Tobi, hit him three times and even Buddha will get mad. I dare you to say something else. I'll decide how you die! Hmm.
Tobi: What's to decide? You'd just blow me up.
Zetsu: There's the third time.
Deidara: (Strangles Tobi with his legs) Suffocation! Hmm! (edit)
(Zetsu and Tobi talking in the destroyed cave)
Tobi: You think I can become a member of Akatsuki now? There's a spot open now, after all!
(Tobi flips Sasori's ring in the air)
Zetsu (black): Ignorant kid. It's not that simple.
Zetsu (white): Why not? Just let him in. Tobi's a good boy.
(Tobi misses the ring and it falls into a crack)
(Lee bends over trying to give Neji a piggy-back ride after watching Gai give Kakashi a piggy-back ride)
Lee: Neji.
Neji: Oh, hell no! (edit)
(Gai throws Kakashi, who's still unable to walk on his own, onto his back)
Naruto: That's kinda gross.
Sakura: Old dudes giving piggyback rides? It's even worse than it sounds.
Tenten: Yuck! (edit)
Deidara: Jeez! I can't believe they actually stopped my special "suicide bomber" clone.

253 The New Target 11/8/2007 Reviews 9.58
254 Formation! New Team Kakashi 11/15/2007 Reviews 9.06
255 Making an Unnecessary Addition 11/22/2007 Reviews 9.24
256 A Fake Smile 11/29/2007 Reviews 9.23
257 Untitled 11/29/2007 Reviews 8.96
258 Simulated Combat Training 12/6/2007 Reviews 8.82
259 The Bridge of Heaven and Earth 12/13/2007 Reviews 9.56
260 Kyubi Unleashed!! 12/20/2007 Reviews 8.63
261 Secret Mission Start 12/20/2007 Reviews 8.96
262 Orochimaru vs. Jinchuuriki 1/10/2008 Reviews 9.60
263 Sakura's Tears 1/17/2008 Reviews 8.92
264 Facts of the Fight 1/24/2008 Reviews 9.03
265 The Result of the Betrayal 1/31/2008 Reviews 8.70
266 The Unfinished Page 2/7/2008 Reviews 8.30
267 Infiltration! The Poisonous Snake's Hideout 2/14/2008 Reviews 0.00

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