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Anime; Naruto episode 253 main dialogue

(After Shikamaru denies Naruto's request)
Choji: Then I'll give you a hand. Here Shikamaru, I've brought your lunch.
Naruto: Choji!
Shikamaru: You sure you're free to say that, Choji? Didn't you, Asuma-sensei and Ino get a new mission?
Choji: I can't abandon Naruto after hearing that. I'll talk to Asuma-sensei about it.
Naruto: Choji, thank you!
Shikamaru: It's not going to work out even if you talk to Asuma! (edit)
Tsunade: The Heaven and Earth Bridge in ten days, huh?
Sakura: That was four days ago, so it's in six days now. (edit)
Tsunade: I took a look at you earlier. Your going to have to stay in bed for a week. And after you're out, it will be another several days before I clear you to go on any missions.
Kakashi: I had a feeling that would be the case. (edit)
Tsunade: Certainly, Naruto is a Jinchuuriki. It's almost guaranteed that Akatsuki will bring disaster upon Konoha if they steal the Kyubi. However, someday Naruto is going to become a shinobi who will be a great asset to Konoha! If my decision proves to be a mistake and danger befalls Konoha and the Fire Country, then as the Fifth Hokage, I will protect everyone even if it costs me my own life! (edit)
(Gai runs through the gate at top speed, Kakashi on his back)
Gai: Move, move, move! Time for the last burst! GOAL! (Screeching to a stop, as he regains his composure, he hits Kakashi on the face) FIRST PLACE!
(Kotetsu and Izumo stare in disbelief as Lee runs in after Gai, yelling exitedly)
Lee: And second place!
Gai: Lee you need more training.
Lee: Right! I'll work harder so that I can come in first place next time!
Gai: Actually, I have something disappointing to tell you.
Lee: Wh-What is it?
Gai: My poor Lee, you weren't second place. (Spins in place dramatically) You came in third! Kakashi came in second because I was carrying him! (Kakashi's about to pass out) You're a pretty lucky guy, Kakashi! No need to thank me.
(Lee starts writing everything down.)
Lee: Sensei just gave me another important tip, I can feel it! (edit)
(Special Report at the end of the credits)
Kiba: Man, it's been a while since we saw Naruto!
Hinata: He's kinda changed a bit
Kiba: Yeah? Well he's taller now!
Hinata: It's been two years and a half, after all. Even I've grown a bit taller. I wonder if I'm a little more grown-up now?
Kiba: Nope, you haven't changed a bit. You still fidget like you used to.
Hinata: No way...
Kiba: Well, take a look at me! I'm more wild than I used to be!
Hinata: I don't think you've really changed, Kiba-kun...
Kiba: Oh yeah, Hinata! You always passed out whenever you see Naruto!
Hinata: (Panics) I-I wasn't ready to...
Kiba: Hey, Naruto! (Hinata bluses red and turns around to see nobody there) Just Kidding!
Hinata: Really, Kiba-kun!
Kiba: Sorry, Sorry!
Shino: It's about time you noticed I'm here, you two! After all, we're all on Team Kurenai.
Hinata: Shino-kun...
Kiba: He's sulking again... (edit)
(Naruto suddenly appears again in front of Hinata who wants her to be his teammeate)
Naruto: All right, Hinata, shut up and come with me!
Hinata: (Misunderstood and thinks) Shut up and go with him? (Her face begins to turn red) No way! No way! That's so sudden! (Hinata passes out again) (edit)
Hinata: (Hiding behind a wall) N-Naruto-kun! I heard that he'd return to the village, but... What should I do? I'm not ready for this. I haven't seen him for so long. What should I say to him?
Naruto: (Suddenly appears in front to her) What's up, Hinata? Why're you hiding?
(Hinata was too shocked to see him that she passed out)
Naruto: Huh? Hinata? (Shocked to see her passed out) Wha-?! Hinata? Hey! Hey, Hinata!
Kiba: Why do you always pass out when you see Naruto?! (edit)
Naruto: Kiba!?
Kiba: (sniffs Naruto) Yep! That smell is definitely you, Naruto!
Naruto: That's how you recognized me? Don't tell me that dog is-!
Kiba: What are you talking about? He's Akamaru, of course! Hey, you got pretty tall, huh?
Naruto: Forget me, look at Akamaru! Do dogs really grow so big in such a short amount of time?
Kiba: Really? I was always with him, so I never really noticed.
Naruto: How could you not notice?! Akamaru used to ride on top of your head! Remember Shino?
Shino: You recognized Kiba immediately, didn't you, Naruto?
Naruto: Oh man. He's sulking. (edit)
Neji: As usual, I have no idea why they're in such an inappropriate mood.
Tenten: But you kinda got into the race back to the village, didn't you?
Neji: Don't be ridiculous! (edit)
Shino: Even if it's been a while, you should remember your comrades' faces. Why? Because otherwise you will hurt their feelings when they call out to you.
Naruto: That annoying way of talking.... You must be.....Shino!
Shino: So you finally remembered?
Naruto: No one's gonna recognize you with your face all covered up! (edit)
Shikamaru: (He yawns and the alarm sounds) I actually went out of my way to set the alarm last night, and I woke up before it went off. I don't even feel like getting up to turn it off.... But I can't deal with this stupid ringing forever. Thinking about all of this is so troublesome. (edit)



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