Monday, 3 March 2008

Movie; Die Hard 4.0

John McClane ordered to find a hacker named Farell Mathew and bring him to FBI, this hacker requested to help somebody for testing a network, John protect the hacker from somebody mentioned above who want to murder the hacker after he did it.
In this movie, there are terrorist operation named "fire sale",this operation contains 3 steps to destroy a nation, first they messing the transportation,second they control the communication and monetery, last but most deadly is handle a military facility, nuclear, water and gass distribution.
This "fire sale" will be complete only with a laptop, unfortunately this operation was failed by John, and never completed by them. "Fire sale" easy to be applied by terrorist if a nation use computer technology to control all things which people needs, but in Die Hard 4.0 told that "fire sale" just a myth (but its almost done).
Totally I like this movie, especially with all exploding scenes. hehehe....

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Ansis on 7 March 2008 at 00:09 said...

spesial efek di filem ini bagus banget sih, tapi yah.. seperti filemnya diehard yang sebelum2nya si tokoh utama kaya' kucing tuh.. nyawanya ada 9 :-)


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