Thursday, 3 April 2008

Mac PC games

When we comparing Mac and Windows PC game, we know that quantity of Mac games are so far away left behind by Windows. But now some game developers doing minimal program modification to create some Mac games which modified from Windows games, actually they are Windows game which able to run with macintosh OS.

Where is the place that have many interesting Mac games database? Meanwhile Apple games directory just offering some standard games, and everybody allover the world will be agree with me that search engines are very helpful for us to download Mac games.

Then I found some interesting Mac games titles like USM 2, this game give a challenge for us to manage our soccer club, yeah... this game similar with Championship Manager in Windows. In action game section I found Warblade an action game with galaga style. For simulation game lovers who always playing Sims City at their home, Build a lot is a right choice for them. An unique game also offered in this site, this game titled Global warning, you can guess this game created to aware us with latest issue named global warming , Global warning allow us to choose a character to be a hero for saving nature, and all characters have a different job in this game community. And many more Mac games not mentioned in this blog, unfortunately many of them are paid games.



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