Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Interesting Places in Jordan

Amman a city d' expansion has extended for 19 hills, or the " jebels". Amman is the modern one, thus like happens them ancient of the Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan. Known like Rabbath-Ammon during l' age of iron and more successively like Philadelphia, the ancient city that once made part of the alloy of Decapolis, now boasts a population of approximately 1.5 million.

Madaba the travel of the south from Amman along the king Highway of 5.000 years is one of the more memorable travels in Saint Lands, passing through a series of antichi places. The first city to meet is Madaba, “the city of the " of the mosaics;. The city, more the notes for the relative spectacular mosaics of Umayyad and Bizantium, is domestic to the sixth program of famous mosaic of century of Jerusalem and Saint Lands. With two million parts the colored stone, the program describes hills and goes them, villages and city till the delta of the Nile.

PETRA the ancient city of PETRA is one of Jordan' national tourist attraction and treasures s by far relative the more famous one. It is characterized approximately three hours of south of Amman, PETRA l' inheritance of the Nabataens, Arabic people industrious that it has been deposited in the Giordano of the south more than 2000 years ago. Then admired for the relative refined cultivation, l' voluminosa architecture and the ingenious complex of the dams and water rabbets, PETRA now is a place of the world-wide patrimony dell' UNESCO that bewitches the hosts from all the angles of the globe.

Castles of Desert Jordan' castles of the desert of s, beautiful examples of both art Muslim begin them and architecture, testament of the base to un' it was fascinating in the country' history of the rich ones of s. Their fine mosaics, fresco, stone and sculptures and illustrations of the stucco, inspired from best in the Persian and Graeco - the traditions roman, tell innumerevoli history of the life as it had place during l' eighth century. The out of order sea the out of order sea is of length 75 kilometers and wide 6 - 16 kilometers.


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