Monday, 24 March 2008

Manga; Naruto volume 37 synopsis

Contains Chapters
330: Sad news
331: 10th group will depart
332: Shikamaru battle!!
333: Affinity
334: Black transfiguration...!!
335: A terrible secret!!
336: Opposite, Pressured atmosphere...!!
337: The genius Shikamaru!!
338: If you curse someone...
339: New ability...!!

After Asuma sensei murdered by Kakuzu from Akatsuki, all Konoha's ninja mournful in his funeral ceremony, meanwhile Naruto must learn how to bend new ability with his extra amount of chakra, at first this ability like advanced rasengan.
Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji are gathering at village gate, they'll go to ambush and fight Hidan and Kakuzu of Akatsuki, Tsunade wanna stop them, coz it's too risky. But Kakashi came and offering to accompany them for do their revenge.

Akatsuki have successed for release Nibi from the jinchuuriki, then Hidan and Kakuzu ordered to intruding Konoha vilage, Hidan and Kakuzu attacked by Shikamaru and friends in a jungle. Shikamaru use many strategies and tricks he plan before to defeat them, Shikamaru separating them for easier to defeat. Shikamaru fight and trap Hidan, Shikamaru use Kakuzu blood to subtitute his blood when Hidan start ceremony to Quick killing Shikamaru. Meanwhile Kakuzu fight against Kakashi and Choji, Kakuzu lost his one of five souls by Kakashi's raikiri, and he lost one more by Hidan's ceremony.

Shikamaru trap hidan on a giant hole in jungle ground, Hidan's body destroyed and remain his head, Shikamaru burying Hidan's head in that hole. Kakuzu have 3 souls remain, Kakashi almost lost his all chakra, and fortunately Naruto, Sakura and others are coming to help them.

Now Naruto try his new ability, that was Shuriken Rasengan, rasengan with giant shuriken shaped to defeat Kakuzu.

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Raf on 25 March 2008 at 02:59 said...

My younger boy of 6-year-old ask me what "manga" is . I don't really understand about it , nor his mother does.

Could you help me to explain it to him , please ..?


rahharuto on 25 May 2008 at 04:15 said...

I began a contribution as site for exclusive use of naruto. Please link to this site if I do not trouble you. I intend to publish a related story of naruto serially steadily from now on. Please cheer it.

byme on 15 March 2009 at 17:39 said...

keren mas salam kenal tukeran link yuks aku mau


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