Thursday, 16 October 2008

Influence of the economic crisis with review business

Do you feel that the end of the business-end of this quiet PLAY you, either the SR BV (blogsvertise) and the same, whether the U.S. economic crisis is making the advertiser may got their hair "burnt" because almost bankrupt? even my blog, which is valued at least 20 dollars / review I continue to bid only 5 dollars just does not exist in the Constitution-try, whether up? Ah no, too, about the job review of the SR was still running thin, try to see the level of popularity of a review of 5 dollars worth only 9 / 10 means

of the 10 people who bid to do the job that 9 of them received bro, and if there is a new word means that the job was recently announced, so just relax with the financial crisis, the United States is frightening sounds. Maybe the truth will not affect the business PLAY (at least not yet), and according to BBC news the U.S. financial competitive thin, and extended the spirit! Baca dalam bahasa Indonesia.



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