Sunday, 12 October 2008

People's Bank of Indonesia more better

The booming of community and investors that want to buy shares of Bank Rakyat Indonesia
useless (BRI) in the bidding of some time ago to oversub-scribe of 7.4 times shows the trust our customers and investors that is very big to the Bank BRI. The performance of this bank is better in the last three years. Performance is certainly encouraging investors to buy the interests of BRI shares.

As an illustration, in the first semester of 2003, the bank is to reach a net profit of Rp 1.17 trillion, compared to the same period last year of Rp 850 billion. No wonder mid-September, the BRI was awarded as the best state-owned enterprises from the financial side.

According to the Director of Bank BRI Rudjito, the achievement of profit the first semester of 2003 is due to the increase in interest income to Rp 7,408 trillion. Far exceed the interest income the same period of 2002 to Rp 6,543 trillion. Earnings are also due to relatively high succeeded Bank BRI maintain the quality of productive assets until the first semester. Quality of productive assets is reflected in the low number of non-performing loans (NPLs), at 3.41 percent. In the provisions of Bank Indonesia, NPLs allowed masksimal 5 percent.

Recap as a bank loan to obtain interest income from bonds Recap. However, the fact, the income of BRI not only supported by interest Recap bonds because the income from the distribution of credit is also quite large. From net interest income (net interest income, NII) of Rp 3,645 trillion, interest income in foreign government bonds to Rp 1,786 trillion.

Micro-finance bank
As one of the leading players in the world for the field of micro-finance, with business growing in the field of micro-business, retail / small & middle, BRI Bank is the largest bank 4 in Indonesia with more than 4,600 distribution network, where the number of these as many as 3,954 units in the form of villages and urban areas. Area offices located in 13 major cities in Indonesia and there are inspection offices in 11 major cities.

Various types of loans to customers in a given category; micro 30%, retail / small 52%,'ll middle 3%, and 15% of the corporation. Special micro-segments for the pledge, BRI handle more than 30 million accounts in the villages and urban areas. Meanwhile, all more than 37 million accounts.

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