Friday, 12 December 2008

Join The Frank Edward Piccolo Foundation

Hi what do you think if you become philanthropist, yeah actually just view peoples wanna be philanthropist, so please you must consider what you will do at the future? When you become rich or get accidental money from a lotto, you must share your richness for everybody who need it more than you, because when you spend your money for all about glamor things, many peoples out there can't eat routinely like you. I want to tell you that there are a rich man as philanthropist who dedicated his life to share with the others, including provide the youth with excellent education opportunities in colleges or universities. Also use their wealth to help the medication of those who are poor.

He is Jim Piccolo, founder of Nouveau University and Nouveau Riche Real Estate Investment College. He gather some philanthropists to build The Frank Edward Piccolo Foundation together and their mission is to help others. Therefore, Jim Piccolo and teams have made some charity programs that are intended for the poor and youth. Many other humanitarian programs also planned by this foundation. That man and his students at Nouveau Riche also help the youth from Help4Teenz by giving motivations including support for them. Jim Piccolo also helps Muhammad Ali’s Parkinson Center by giving some donation, including supports many children’s charities.

Make everything is possible always be their primary purpose. This message is spread widely to youth. Come on, join their charity programs and you'll get god blessing, you can directly contact the foundation to join in. Let's be part of the team that give hope by their charities.



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