Thursday, 8 October 2009

Business tips in recession by Telegraph.Co.Uk

This simple article only gather so many business in recession tips that written by sponsors, yeah I like today, I don't know why become my favorite English website, if compared with or, telegraph is the best! Well back to topic. Today recession still kicking our butt, and in my country Indonesia the people feel the same circumstance, ah it's time to be different! This is one of some business tips from, yeah if you have unique business, even the customers smaller than other business but trust me you'll have the most loyal customers, I think don't selling goods in various category, that's the point. But how about They sell so many products, maybe all product categories, yeah Amazon has good network and they exist from more than 10 years ago (please correction), and look at you, you're still in progress.

These tips from telegraph for entrepreneurs who want to fight back the recession, just go to this page; www.telegraph(dot)co(dot)uk/sponsored/business/mybusiness/



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