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Gerber machetes Apocalypse Survival Kit

Gerber machetes Apocalypse Survival Kit is a great gadget for the “zombie apocalypse”. Do you already prepared yourself for the “zombie apocalypse”? The are disasters or emergencies happened on earth, not only in America, but also allover the world should be prepared for the “zombie apocalypse“, disasters and anything else in near future. First preparation for “zombie apocalypse” is the Apocalypse Survival Kit from Gerber.

This kit contains seven survival tools–a Gator machete, a Camp II axe, a Gator Pro machete, a Parang machete, this machete idea comes from my country Indonesia, an LMF II Infantry knife, a DMF Folder knife, and an Epic knife–along with a durable canvas carrying case for secure transport.
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Gerber machetes Apocalypse Survival Kit
Gerber machetes Apocalypse Survival Kit

If you have seen The Book of Eli you’ll know how to use this Gerber machetes Apocalypse Survival Kit, simply sawing tree limbs or clearing brush, we hope you do not use it to hurt innocent people.
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit
At a Glance:
Kit contains three machetes made of high-carbon stainless steel
Also includes three knives and an all-purpose hand axe
Comes in a durable canvas carrying case
Backed by a lifetime warranty
At a Glance
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit.
The Camp II axe has a forged steel head and an elongated handle.
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit.
The DMF Folder is a compact knife with a folding tanto blade.
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit.
This kit comes in a durable canvas carrying case.
Gator and Parang Machetes.
Whether you’re defending yourself in a post-outbreak environment or simply sawing tree limbs or clearing brush, the Apocalypse Survival Kit offers a variety of useful tools, including three machetes: the Gator, the Gator Pro, and the Parang. The Gator has both fine and serrated edges, and the Gator Pro has an aggressive, multi-purpose blade than can be used as an axe, a machete, or a knife. The Parang has an angled blade and is modeled after a traditional jungle machete. The blades are all forged of high-carbon stainless steel.

Epic, DMF Folder, and LMF II Infantry Knives
The Apocalypse Survival Kit contains three knives–the Epic, the DMF Folder, and the LMF II Infantry–that can serve a variety of uses, whether it’s cutting firewood, building a shelter, or protecting yourself in a disaster zone. The Epic sports a low profile, a titanium nitrate-coated blade, and an integrated bottle opener, while the DMF Folder has a folding tanto blade and a compact design suited for everyday carry. Engineered by a former military man, the LMF II Infantry knife is 10 inches long and has lashing holes that enable it to be used as a spear tip.

Single-Hand Camp II Axe
Also included in the Apocalypse Survival Kit is the Camp II: an all-purpose hand axe with a forged steel head and an elongated, glass-filled nylon handle. The axe comes with a molded plastic sheath.

Roll-Up Canvas Carrying Case
This survival kit comes enclosed in a durable canvas carrying case with reinforced stitching for easy transport. Stud buttons keep the case rolled up, helping make it compact and packable.



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