Saturday, 22 November 2008

How to manage our blog as a magazine?

OK well at first actually I want write a topic about comic or cartoon of my prophet that made by irresponsible blogger, we hope he/she will cursed. Enough!

Better we talk about how to manage our blog as a magazine? Blog that managed as a magazine usually called magazine blog, it's different with electronics magazine or eZine, because it's a web pages bro/sis so we must consider this (general) tips;
  1. When you wanna build your magz blog, you must choose your main topic that for website/blog usually called niche. Single niche is better for PPC monetizing of your blog.
  2. Template or layout theme that you choose must be blend with your main topic/niche. Use simple template/theme for better SEO (Search Engine Optimation). But do not forget that magz blog needs magz template, so how to find this kind of template?
  3. Looking for magz template by search engine try all search engine that you know, not only Google. Use simple magz template/theme for your blogspot or wordpress blog.
  4. Please remember, simple template/theme very profitable for blog with PPC ads.
  5. Keep close with other magazine blogs especially for same topic/niche blog, it means always give comment each other.
  6. Don't give up is the key.

OK enough for today tips please come again to blog network



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