Sunday, 16 November 2008

How to reduce our shopping cost

Oh come on this is very primary factor that makes us always need financial help from our friends haha.. OK how to reduce our shopping cost? It's easy guys and sis I will give you some (ordinary) tips;

  1. You must make 'to buy list' before you go to shopping center or mall.
  2. Bring enough money do not bring extra money. ex: you wanna buy a US$12 shoes, so you must bring US$12 and US$2 for backup (collateral cost)
  3. Make sure that your pocket/bag/wallet is on safe place, if you ride a car or motorcycle you must always make sure of it.
  4. Don't allow your children accompany you to shopping, because they're sometimes make you buy whatever they want.
  5. If they force to follow you go shopping, you're better bring some snack and drinking water from home, so you don't need extra money for them.
  6. Go to your shopping spot when you wanna buy that item, because especially for ladies or girls sometimes easy spend their money for non targeted item.

Well OK enough for tips today, happy shopping for all :D


ferumx on 17 November 2008 at 19:59 said...

its nice tips for me


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