Sunday, 21 December 2008

How strong All in One SEO Pack plugin (Wordpress)

For self hosted Wordpress blogger, some additional plugins always activated, many of them are SEO plugins, hopefully blogspot also has additional widget or something that makes our post on blogspot get many organic readers from search engine, not only from Google but also from Yahoo and, they're top level search engine on the net guys. Back to topic, view months ago I got my first self hosted wordpress blog, and I'm looking for SEO tips from other blogs belong to the senior Wordpress blogger, I always asking them about how to optimize the self hosted Wordpress?

Then some of them write about this issue, there are many plugins used for SEO on Wordpress like All in One SEO Pack, WP super cache, XML sitemap generator, etc. Now I have 2 blogs installed with All in One SEO pack and XML sitemap generator, but only one blog with WP super cache and All in one SEO pack. Then I want to test the All in one SEO pack plugin, actually I want to know how strong All in One SEO Pack plugin? I think it will influenced by many kinds of factors, like quantity of post, how old the link, Google pagerank, keywords etc. So that's difficult to do it well. We can know how strong this SEO plugin next year ha ha ha. go to blog network home.


Ocim on 22 December 2008 at 01:41 said...

nice info mas ....


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