Tuesday, 23 December 2008

How to looking for the best luggage?

Once upon a time I accompany my friend to go to Jakarta, then he said that he will stays in his uncle's house for 8 days. Let me guess, he will bring many kind of game CD including 2 different game consoles for spend our holidays, and hey he did it as I guess before. But he only has a small, old luggage. Oh come on buy the new one guys. I think he needs new luggage for every vacation, so we searching and hunting new luggage at mall, then we got nothing because he is choosy guy.

OK I ask him to find the luggage buying guide on the net, finally we find a cool luggage that he likes it very much, that luggage named 'Travel Daypack' of Victorinox with brand new Swiss Army Tourbach, he said this luggage is perfect for cool guy like him, oh come on.

I think Travel Daypack is the best luggage to bring his game consoles, but actually my friend is not cool at all ha ha. Many type of luggage make buyers get confused to choose the perfect type for their purposes. My tips to buy a luggage, choose the size at first, is that match with goods that you'll bring?


Sura on 23 December 2008 at 06:44 said...

Weh nempel disini


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