Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Link building with Twitter

Do you want to building backlink for your blog? There are many ways to build backlink easily, and so many bloggers didn't know them all, and actually I know this way just view weeks ago from, but in fact link on twitter is contains nofollow attribute so this kind of backlink just for ordinary link, it means your link on twitter profile only for invites people who visit your profile to go to your blog, not for link building at all.

So how to build massive backlink easily? maybe you know about this issue more than me, yes there are so many ways guys, nofollow link on twitter profile cannot help your pagerank, why that blog told their readers to use twitter to build backlink, even link on twitter profile including on "web" link are the nofollow links, next post I will post about how to build backlink on forum that you joined. go to blog network home.



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