Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Sit on Santa's Lap

Hi everybody, do you feel happy at next Christmas, do not feel so sad at 25 December, where is your spirit of Christmas? By the way, do you want to your picture looks funny, cool, cute, or nostalgic? Come on follow me to a website that offer picture designing with funny, cool, cute, or nostalgic design, including many kind of frames inside, it is true let's join them, and upload your own picture and you can print it or share for your family, at this Christmas they offer Sit on Santas Lap Experience, come friend this is their special offer, do not miss it.

I almost forget something important, this offer only for resident of the United States or Washington D.C, and must be 18 years of age to enter optional sweepstakes. If your pictures contain inappropriate content or copyrighted image, please do not upload them. Their service is different from other similar services, because they do professional and exclusive work. I try to join their service, and I think they are really do all good work, I swear you got a wish. And they also give you chance to get $500 by typing your name then sending your picture.




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