Thursday, 19 February 2009

Ceiling fans for healthy house

Are you being bored with your interior at home? If you aren't a interior designer, you mustn't do it by yourself. This problem also happened in me, when I have good mood I try to place all interior elements in my house with the best position, but what I did for my house? Oh my God, my wooden chair not placed on the right position, because I'm not a interior designer. Actually I want to talk about right home appliance positioning for healthy simple house.

Did you believe the words "Home sweet home"? You never want to hear a words "Home sweat home", absolutely I don't like the second words ha ha.. So what makes your house fresh, healthy and never bring you unnecessary sweat anymore. Maybe Air Conditioner can help you to makes all rooms of your house fresh, really? In fact AC makes your house unhealthy, especially if you're a women. Why? Because AC blow cool air that can drying your skin, I swear if you spend your break time in air conditioned room longer than an hour, you'll feel it well.

So what's the right solution for this? Yups ceiling fans can be the perfect device to substitute AC. Ceiling fans never dry off your skin, instead ceiling fans helps to circulating the air inside your house. How to get modern ceiling fans right now? farreys(dot)com helps you to doing this, you also can get minka aire fans and hey they also have classic look craftmade fans. What you waiting for?



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