Monday, 16 February 2009

Corn ethanol as green business issue

I don't know why somebody out there are hard to say "I love green business" hmm yeah I think green business not so familiar yet, and maybe is not correlated with word "profit" but I'm very proud with businessweek(dot)com, they speak up on an article about green business, especially when they talk about corn ethanol, in fact they're business blog that professionally managed by many reporters and produce many articles but I like this article entitled "How bad corn ethanol?".

And actually how bad corn ethanol? Yups corn ethanol is not so bad, and it potentially can substitute the mainstream fuel sources, but there are a problem on this, the farmers are not ready to increasing their product, in some countries like Mexico, and other south America countries, sugar cane chosen to be material to makes bio ethanol. And how about your country? Another developing countries start making bio ethanol from corn or sugar cane, like in my country Indonesia still learning how to make bio ethanol with sugar cane, because my country is tropical country.

For more detail info go to Image taken from that page.



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