Thursday, 12 March 2009

How to add video narration into presentation?

OK I got this info from Mashable, so don't say "hey you steal the content from Mashable!" Oh come on guys, well back to topic. If you're a businessman or a lecturer, usually got problem to get attention from your audiences, and for lecturer is your students, what kind of problem that you usually got? When you do a presentation maybe some of your audiences hard to catch the point, this is very bad factor that failing your student's ability to get best mark for them, so what you must do to solve this problem? Yaps like the title above, you need to add video narration for your presentation, how to add video narration into presentation? There are a web based software that can help to handle this, Slidesix is a software to add video narration into presentation, with narration you don't need to go to clinic to heal your numb lips :D LOL wanna enjoy the software? Go to Slidesix(dot)com. This is not a paid review so please send a feedback for us by commenting.


Cebong Ipiet on 19 March 2009 at 19:30 said...

udah syndrome paid review kwkwkkkwkw no comment


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