Thursday, 28 May 2009

The benefits of social networking

Do you like social network sites to declare your existence? Ha ha maybe that's a simple reason why you use social network, in fact social network can help our business, from small business to million dollars business, so nothing wrong with social network, if you have more than one social network membership, potentially you can be judged as a spammer, oh man actually there are a lot of social network and we can join them to enjoy their services, but yeah you know that most of them have similar features, you must remember this; don't think that they're same, because some of them launched many special features and services, such as file hosting, image hosting, blogging platform, so many game and another web 2.0 applications. So what you waiting for? Enjoy all social network never hurt you or bring you to jail, but spamming is the problem. OK if you asking me about social network, I will thinking "How to get money from this?", always nice when talk about money, but sometimes you can earn dollar indirectly from social network, how we do that?

First increase your relationship with another members, little bit show off your skill on the description page, and if you're a consultant it will easier because you have strong relationship with most members and if you're a humorist person, it will be fun enough and trust me you can get more friends easily. More friends mean stronger relationship, and that’s the smart way to increase your chance in money making online. What kind of chance? OK listen to me, whatever our skills if we enjoy and total on it, we’ll get benefit directly or indirectly, All we have to do is promote our skill in every profile page of social network sites that we joined in.



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