Thursday, 4 June 2009

How to applying blog SEO with Facebook

How to applying blog SEO with Facebook? OK this is simple but strong tips to applying blog SEO with Facebook, follow these steps;

1. Make a Facebook page and write down your blog's keywords as anchor text link to your blog.
To do this you must go to
2. Build your own group at Facebook, and share important or interesting information on it, don't forget to create link to your blog. I recommend some rare and unique groups such as humor group, niche blogging group, IT group, or unusual group :D.

Both tips can increasing your Google PageRank and of course drive more traffic to your blog/site.


Anonymous said...

i really adore all your posting way, very helpful.
don't quit as well as keep creating for the simple reason that it just simply very well worth to read it.
looking forward to browse through even more of your current stories, regards ;)


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