Sunday, 19 July 2009

Free wordpress theme; Michael Jackson "For Jacko"

Hey I have my first "handmade" wordpress theme titled "For Jacko" you
know this theme dedicated for a person that some people said that he's
"too" popular since more than 15 years ago, actually he's start become
celebrity when he was child, and who he is? Yeah he is Michael
Jackson, the king of pop! I made a wordpress theme for his fans who
have self hosted wordpress blog, or for them who have celebrity blog and
looking for simple 2 column wordpress theme, even a simple theme but
this "For Jacko" theme contains a beautiful design and concept, wanna
download it? Click here to download Free
wordpress theme; Michael Jackson "For Jacko"
. Or if the link has been broken, you can try this link.

The screenshot coming soon, sorry I can't show the screenshot yet.


The screenshot uploaded and post updated.



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