Saturday, 22 August 2009

I visit a Google dance event (what?)

Ups this blog network blog thrown to Google dance event, I hope uncle Google forgive this blog network for the paid advertising, please Mr. Google don't decrease my pagerank, I need my 3 Pagerank so much, for me pagerank 3 is a ton of fresh air after diving the deep sea (hyperbolic). So please Mr. Matt Cuts don't kick my blog network to the creepy falley called sand box, hiii pretty scary huh?

For all Google guys thanks for your attention. Jikalau blog ini turun jadi PR 2 atau bahkan N/A. Matilah aku.. Eh ggak segitunya kalee.. Sorry this post entry isn't important at all for you.

Update! 25 August 2009; said that blog network got PR 3 back.

but said that blog network still N/A (damn)

and also said that blog network still N/A (s**t)

:dracoola::busex::lamagawa:well keep praying..



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