Monday, 30 November 2009

How to enjoy Google Wave preview?

Today so many personal blogs talking about Google Wave,k what is Google Wave? I want to explain Google Wave not from the technical side, just go to their site, all I want to talk is came from the ordinary person, what with Google Wave?

Google Wave built not to fight against the Facebook or another social network sites, G Wave is a tool that used for collaborating all ways to distribute the information, not only text based information, but also image and video, you can enjoy real time activities of your friends, for example when your friends write about something in their statuses, you can can see they're type it alphabet by alphabet, yeah sure Google has technology for it.

You can share Amazon Product list on your profile in real time, showing YouTube video over there also in real time, how wonderful is it. But unfortunately we need invitation to join Google Wave, and I think we late for the beta.

To be continued.. Read Poker Bonus..


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