Saturday, 13 February 2010

Will Google Buzz swept away the Twitter?

I don't know more about Google Buzz, because I'm too busy with my blog hehe LOL, but that always talks about social networking world, immediately telling the readers about Google Buzz, so you can go to for their independent review, I don't use Gmail email for this account, so I can't try Google Buzz with my account right now, and I don't have iPhone too LOL.

Taken from

Google Buzz could join Facebook is one of the dominant social services on the Internet - or if it can fail completely. It all depends on, Google can still respond to user feedback. If Buzz is successful, Google will be the 5 steps.

1. Mute button adding.

If you follow someone Buzz, which is a gazillion followers, and that is good to stimulate debate, these chains are coming back again and again to your list of Buzz, Buzz is dominated by your experience. If you have any comments at any time, it must return to your Gmail inbox whenever someone posts comments.

Buzz is now "Mute this post is" drop-down menu to the right of each item by mail. He does so, if you have not commented. If you have any comments, messages, over and over again arise in the case.

As a result, the implementation of this clunky, which is the only way to preserve your peace of mind that Buzz is to prevent the following persons, who are often very many people to follow.

What needs to be Buzz "Mute" button - one-click way (not buried in the menu) to interrupt the subject forever, regardless of whether or not to post a comment. An actual "mykistyspainiketta," you can go and monitor people, but also to "bus-item veto over the thread. To go the same way you manage the Buzz experience.

2. Make "Filters" Buzz-compatible.

Now, Gmail's "Filters" in which the field only partially supports the Buzz. For example, you can monitor what is happening Buzz posts normally, adding records, entitled "Buzz". It is not enough.

Buzz about the destruction of a minority of users, the users who, by linking them to show up on Twitter Feeds Buzz. Thus, it is not uncommon to see dozens of series of posts from Twitter. Once again, we have a situation where the choice to stay, with the exception of random buzz-specific posts of a user does not follow them anymore, and we can only be angry with Twitter spam.

We need to be addressed to the sender filters, service (Buzz or Gmail), and the buzz, from outside sources if they exist. In other words, we should be able to create a filter that says, for example: 1) if the decision to enter into force on the user and 2) that this product is Buzz, and 3) the source of the upset, then remove.

3. Fix Location images posts.

On the iPhone, you can send a picture of Buzz, or you can send your location as part of the buzz, but not both, as far as I can tell. (Best guess is that you can send a picture of Android Buzz Maps and it works well.)

It is possible that I simply do not have a clear enough picture. Regardless, Google is simply a place for dialog box, click the post of a mobile version of the transmission of pictures of Buzz.

People really want to combine pictures and location Buzz posts phones.

4. Authorized an historical view.

Everything is in strict chronological Twitter.

Go to to trying it.

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