Thursday, 11 March 2010

Google Android with Indosat in Indonesia

Google Android is a big hop of Google inc that significantly made by this giant internet search engine service, well OK I want to talk about Google Android in Indonesia, all Android owners in Indonesia nowadays didn't have an access to buying Google Android's application itself. To get the apps , PT Indosat Tbk (local cellular provider) considering to build their own apps store in their network, it's called iStore.

Indonesia Blackberry and Device division's head Agung Wijanarko said Google as provider of latest Android apps allows his company to build own apps store in Japan and New Zaeland. It's become a challenge for Indosat to get the access to Google apps. Indosat should growing the Android ecosystem from the creator (i.e Google), application developers, and users.

“ Google Mobile Service didn't available yet, temporarily Android apps only can be downloaded at Indosat's iStore" Agung said in the lunch-break of Android community's workshop and gathering , at JCC Jakarta Indonesia, Sunday (7/3).

With i-store all Android users can purchasing many express premium apps like i-pay that developed by PT Indosat Mega Media (IM2) itself. The purchasing can be from vouchers or via any bank in Indonesia. This cellphone users can buy all kind of music and entertainment apps easily.

Value Added Service and Content Development Manager PT IM2 Andri Fisaterdi said that to make the i-store they spent a month to make that store already to be used. Useful apps that users can download is i-pay calculator, dictionary, dan Batavia to stay up to date with the latest local news.

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