Sunday, 30 March 2008

Somebody who earn US$20/day adsense revenue

View days ago I got a Indonesian adsense publisher friend by Yahoo!
Messenger, he tell me that he earn more than US$ 20 /day, wow.. That's
very amazing for me, I can't imagine how much of money which he earn, and
I ask him how much the number of his blog visitors a day, and I says I
don't believe that... when he said someday he got 20,000 visitors of
his blog when the content was booming, I think he takes SEO lesson at his
university hahaha... And he just laughing, you can ask him at Y!M with
ID: aby_permana . And you'll share blogging tips and adsense
experience each other. Although He never use his own paypal account, coz he
haven't credit card, in fact he's a great adsense publisher.



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