Friday, 13 February 2009

Approaching customers with polling

Yeah it's true, if you wanna expanding your business, you must build mindset that customer is a king, but if you can't applying this mindset because some of your customers are sucks, they only care about what they want, and they never want to know what's the rules of your business or your Terms of Service. Don't easy to give up, many entrepreneurs suggesting the newbie businessmen and other entrepreneurs to launch a poll, yeah polling can help your survey, after you gather the polling result hopefully you can consider what your customers want and it can expanding your business.

The next question is what can we do to start launching a poll? Yeah actually there are two different kind of question in polling, the first is open question for example;
"What do you think about my product?"
and the second is closed question, for example;
"What do you think about my product?"

So closed question for polling can be a multiple choice, and open question is all customers can respond it with different answers. Got it? Well I hope any body out there will explaining more about polling and surveying. Please commenting.



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