Friday, 18 September 2009

What makes new domain like .cm relatively very expensive?

What makes new domain like .cm relatively very expensive? I want to ask Nemecheap as my favorite domain registrar, but you know I don't want to be idiot-looks customer LOL. .cm (dot cm) is the recent country Top Level Domain for a far away country named Cameroon, this domain released to public tomorrow, so this is absolutely recent country domain that released to public user, even you're not a Cameroonian, you're can be the owner of this domain legally, Nameheap open this domain for common customers.

Back to the question. Why this domain very expensive? Maybe this country TLD is fresh go public domain that so many domain name possibility unregistered yet, for example you can get "", even this domain like "" typo, but is it cool huh? Yes it is!

Unfortunately I guessing this domain has been registered by a customer. I didn't check the whois yet. So you can check it by yourself.

Hey you can transfer your domain to Namecheap for $6.99 each domain only with this coupon code; SWITCH2NC .



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