Thursday, 12 June 2008

Wiwid Gunawan in Her Latest Movie

Kawin Kontrak (contract marriage) movie star Wiwid Gunawan performed in her latest movie 'Pulau Hantu 2' (Ghost Island 2). Although she's little bit panic, girl who like watching porn movie, feels sexy when wearing bikini.

"I felt comfort, felt sexy as a woman," She said that statement when she asked that is she felt panic or shy if she wear bikini at front of many people at location 'Pulau Hantu 2' making.

'Pulau Hantu 2' (Ghost Island 2) is a masterpiece of director Jose Purnomo. Movie sequel which stared Ricky Harun take a place at Ujung Kulon, west Java, Indonesia.

Wiwid know that in her latest movie, she must wearing bikini when casted. "At first time I'm little bit shy when I know that I must wear bikini, but I'm a professional so I'm do it" She said when interviewed with detikhot at Belleza, Permata Hijau, view days ago.

The girl who born in June 21st 1984 also said that seldom worn bikini, she enjoy to wear bikini when she invited at private party or at place where less of people.

Bintang film ‘Kawin Kontrak’ Wiwid Gunawan tampil berbikini di layar lebar terbarunya ‘Pulau Hantu 2′. Meski sempat risih, ketika syuting berjalan, Wiwid yang suka menonton film porno itu malah merasa seksi saat berbikini. Picture, Image, Gallery, Foto Wiwid Gunawan, Wiwid gunawan sexy, seksi, video wiwid gunawan.



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